ReX&GG 2019

The pre-conference workshop will take place in the lecture rooms of Ghent University (Tech Lane Ghent Science Park - Campus A, Technologiepark, B-9052 Ghent) on Sunday, 4 August 2019.

The campus can be reached easily by bus from Ghent St. Pieters Railway Station. Practical information will be sent in due course.

DREAM.3D Pre-Conference Workshop

The open-source software package Digital Representation Environment for the Analysis of Materials in 3D (DREAM.3D) is a freely available software tool that performs a wide range of functions for reconstructions of 3D microstructures, statistical analysis, and generation of representative volume elements. Course participants will learn selected methodologies behind the analysis of 3D materials data, with a focus on practical application of workflows via hands-on tutorials. Participants will also learn how to utilize DREAM.3D to produce visualizations in the open source software package ParaView.

Links to other software and representations, e.g., finite element, will be outlined.

The goals of the workshop are to equip participants with the skills necessary to reconstruct, quantify, and analyze 3D materials data.